Fastening tools for the professional – A quality range of Stapling & Nailing Products.

Hand Staplers

Applications: Securing flooring underlay, plastic sheeting & breather membrane

Z3-140 Metal Staple/Nail Tacker – Heavyweight Hand Stapler perfect for heavy-duty applications

140/6 – 14mm (A11, T50) type flat staples, 18G x 15 brads

A11 Hammer Tacker – All steel “slap” hammer tacker

140/6-10mm (A11, T50) type flat staples. 10mm staples available in Stainless Steel

Air Staplers

  • Air Stapler tacwise palmers nailing

Applications: Air version of the 140 hand/hammer tacker, ideal for tackling volume stapling tasks

A14014V Air Stapler – Professional tool

140/4 – 14mm (A11, T50) type flat staples. 10mm staples available in Stainless Steel

Applications: Upholstery & re-upholstery, office screens, pelmets, blinds & awnings

A7116 & A8016 Air Staplers – Short & Long Nose

71/ 4-16mm staples, available in Galvanised, Black & Stainless Steel

80/ 4-16mm staples, available in Galvanised & Stainless Steel

Applications: Cabinet making, wire mesh netting to wood, coffin manufacturer, pet cages, runs & enclosures

C9725V, C9032V and D9040V – Narrow Crown Staplers

97/10-25mm staples

90/12-32mm & 15~40mm staples, sizes also available in Divergent Point

Applications: Preferred throughout the bedding & furniture industry

G1450V & F1450M – Framing Stapler

14/19-50mm staples

Applications: Packaging materials to wooden pallets

G1738V – Heavy Duty Wide Crown Stapler

17/19-32mm staples

Air Pinners

Applications: Popular in the glass, glazing & furniture manufacturing, door frames & skirting

DGN50V & DFN50V & GFN64V – 18Gauge & 16Gauge Finish Nailers

18G/20-50mm, available in Galvanised & Stainless Steel

16G/20-50mm & up to 64mm, available in Galvanised & Stainless Steel


16G Angle Brads to fit the DeWalt DC618 & Paslode IM250A Angle Finish Nailers in Galvanised and Stainless Steel 32 ~ 63mm

Applications: Joinery on site & in workshops

GDA64V – 15Gauge D Head Angled Finish Nailer

15G/38-64mm Finish Nails

Corrugated Fastener

Applications: Cabinet and furniture frames and for door and window sash manufacturers

C/F 9mm, C/F 12mm, CF 15mm Corrugated Fasteners


Applications: Fencing & shed making

DCN50LHH Mini Coil Nailer & FCN50LHH Coil Nailer

DCN50LHH fires 2.1/22-50mm Conical Coil Nails. Weight only 1.5kgs

FCN50LHH fires 2.1/27-50mm Conical & Flat Nails. Weight only 2kgs

Applications: Packaging applications, exhibition, pallet & crates

FCN57V Mini Coil Nailer & GCN57P Coil Nailer

FCN57V fires 2.1-2.5/25-57mm Flat Coil Nails

GCN57P fires 2.1-2.3/25-57mm Flat Coil Nails

Applications: Versatile coil nailers for the cladding in construction, also the pallet, shed & fence making industries

FCN65V & HCN65P Coil Nailers

FCN65V fires 2.1-2.9/32-65mm Flat & Conical Coil Nails. Weight only 2kgs.

HCN65P fires 2.3-2.9/32-65mm Flat Coil Nails.

Applications: Pallet, packaging and construction

GCN70V, HCN83P, JCN90XHH & LCN130V Coil Nailers

GCN70V fires 2.3-2.9/40-70mm Flat Coil Nails

HCN83P fires 2.5-3.3/38-83mm Flat Coil Nails

JCN90XHH fires 2.5-3.1/45-90mm Flat Coil Nails

LCN130V fires 3.1-3.8/75-130mm Flat Coil Nails

Applications: Timber framing & cladding in construction

JSN90MHH Strip Framing Nailer – extrememly reliable tool.

Fires 2.9-3.3/50-90mm 22′ Plastic Collated Strip Nails

Other Products

Max Cordless Rebar Wire Tying Tools

Available for bar sizes 8-21mm & 20-51mm

A robust, ergonomically designed unit needs less training time and is fast and economical to use.   A one hand operation that reduces strain on the wrist and forearm also helps prevent RSI injuries


Max Cordless Rebar Cutter Tool

Maximum cutting rebar size 16mm – cutting speed 3.3 seconds

A robust, ergonomically designed cordless Rebar cutting machine.   A one hand operation that reduces strain on the wrist and forearm also helps prevent RSI injuries

Compatible HILTI Pins & Cartridges

Various Size Pins & Cartridges Available

Palmers Nailing


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